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Chapter Officers

officer Emily Johns

Emily Johns


officer Haley Miller

Haley Miller

VP Chapter Wellness

As Chapter Wellness I oversee risk, sisterhood, initiation and song. I work super hard towards overall chapter engagement and making sure everyone is having a good time. I am looking forward to being back on campus and reuniting with all my sisters. My favorite memory would have to be when we did a dessert crawl sisterhood. It was a way for the new pledge class to get to know the older girls who were hosting all of us! They baked some creative things too!

officer Jaelee Rosenbaum

Jaelee Rosenbaum

VP Recruitment

Hi Everyone! My name is Jaelee Rosenbaum and I am the Vice President of Recruitment for the Sigma Chapter. Being the VPR of our chapter, I get to plan and oversee work-week and all recruitment events. I absolutely love recruitment and am so excited to meet everyone coming through formal recruitment in the fall! My favorite Alpha Gam memory is Sunday brunch each week, sitting with all of my best friends laughing about our weekends and eating super yummy food made by chef Natasha. The memories I’ve made so far in AGD are ones that I will never forget, and I can’t wait for two more years in our beautiful Castle!!

officer Dede Stone

Dede Stone

VP Academic Excellence

I am VP of Academic Excellence and my main jobs and goals include maintaining & improving our academic success throughout the chapter. This includes planning and hosting study parties as well as academic events & additionally letting all the sisters know the opportunities available to them to help them thrive. i'm most excited to watch the 23s grow as a pledge class living in the house just as I felt the 22s did as I found my best friends this way. My favorite memory of AGD so far has got to be mattress surfing down the main staircase after we had recently moved in & after a long day of recruitment. it was one of the first times we could hear the laughter and talking throughout the house during later nights & it had to be one of the most comforting feelings in the world.

officer Katie Smith

Katie Smith

VP Administration

For my position, I mainly focus on facilitating and documenting the communication between our members, our chapter, and even headquarters. Specifically, I keep track of members’ attendance, statuses and any updates at all of our chapter and EC meetings. I work closely with and help some of the other officers like Emily and Jackie to ensure all members are accounted for! I am most looking forward to our next barn dance with my sisters. My favorite memory of AGD is living in the house and always hanging out in the new basement last year because I loved getting to live with all my best friends. It was like a slumber party every night!

officer Fallon Barry

Fallon Barry

VP Member Experience

As VP Member Experience I plan activities to target individual pledge classes as well as the whole chapter. These activities help the chapter become more involved and help the girls connect with each other more through the purpose of AGD. I also work with workshops and other learning tools to keep the chapter engaged. I am excited to continue to keep the chapter engaged and learning new things. My favorite memory is sitting around the fireplace with my pledge class and our bigs reading letters from home. It was very emotional for everyone and I think it brought everyone a lot closer together.

officer Shivani Bhogaraju

Shivani Bhogaraju

VP New Member Experience

Vice President of New Member Programming is a really rewarding position! I teach all of our new members about what it really means to be an Alpha Gam—our values, history, rituals, and sisterhood. I also get to plan bid day, which is my favorite event of the year!

officer Addy Thompson

Addy Thompson

VP Campus Relations

I’m Addy and I’m VP Campus Relations! I’m out PHC delegate which means I help connect AGD to all the other Panhellenic chapters on campus. I cannot wait to get back to campus to be with all my sisters and be reunited with our beautiful castle. I look forward to our chapter continuing to grow and gain strong women!!

officer Madison Hall

Madison Hall

VP Marketing

I’m Madison and as VP Marketing I oversee our social media, banners and t-shirts. I market our chapter. I am so excited to go back to campus and spend time with my sisters. My favorite memory with Alpha Gamma Delta would have to be when I cut my bestfriend’s hair and she cut mine.

officer Rachel Curtis

Rachel Curtis

Director of Property

As property I work to ensure that the house is a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. I work to organize contracts, house rules and other amenities that comes with living in a sorority house. I oversee the maintenance operations as well as safety procedures to ensure all house members are held to a high living standard.




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