Sigma Chapter at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Chapter Officers

officer Emma Harris

Emma Harris


As chapter president my role is to run our chapter meetings, work closely with both PHC and IHQ, make sure the chapter is running smoothly, handle any issues that may come up, and support the other officers in any way I can. My goals for this year are better communication throughout the whole chapter, improve our sisterhood events and opportunities for the girls in our chapter, and improve the retention in our chapter. Being on exec last semester was really what made me want to run for chapter president. I was able to see all the work put in behind the scenes and wanted to take what I had learned to further improve our chapter. I am so excited to be a resource for every girl in our chapter and watch each girl succeed!

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  • Favorite AGD Memory: Being pinned by my older sister who was also an alpha gam therefor making us sisters times two. Also, just any time I get to hangout with girls in the chapter who always make me laugh and support me in whatever I do!
officer Madelyn Bird

Madelyn Bird

VP Chapter Wellness

As Chapter Wellness I oversee risk, sisterhood, initiation and song. I work super hard towards overall chapter engagement and making sure everyone is having a good time. I am looking forward to Improving the chapter in any way I can:)

officer Lauren Penick

Lauren Penick

VP Philanthropy

My position is responsible for organizing our chapter’s fundraising events and volunteer opportunities. This year I hope to increase involvement in our philanthropy of fighting hunger by participating in our fundraisers and volunteer within the community. I wanted to be on Exec so that I could help make Alpha Gamma Delta the best it can be and gain experience working as a team to accomplish various goals.

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  • Advice for new members: Get involved! Being involved in the chapter and attending events can help you get to know so many girls and give you valuable experience for a potential exec position later on.
officer Grace Peterman

Grace Peterman

VP Recruitment

I’m here to ensure that our chapter has a fun and successful recruitment! I hope to share our amazing sisterhood with new members and expand the life long bonds Alpha Gam provides. I wanted to be on Exec to serve my sisters and help make our chapter a comfortable place for all members.

officer Kate Bushman

Kate Bushman

VP Academic Excellence

I am VP of Academic Excellence and my main jobs and goals include maintaining & improving our academic success throughout the chapter. This includes planning and hosting study parties as well as academic events & additionally letting all the sisters know the opportunities available to them to help them thrive.

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  • Advice for sisters looking to join Exec: Remain confident in your ideas, values, and self.
officer Katie Doubet

Katie Doubet

VP Administration

For my position, I mainly focus on facilitating and documenting the communication between our members, our chapter, and even headquarters. Specifically, I keep track of members’ attendance, statuses and any updates at all of our chapter and EC meetings. I am looking forward to working with the other amazing exec members and making a difference in our chapter. I am also excited about getting to know more Sigma sisters through my position!

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  • Why should someone join Exec?: Being part of exec, or even having a director position, is a great way to get more involved in our chapter and provides valuable experience for future careers.
officer Alayna Scranton

Alayna Scranton

VP Finance

officer Karina Los

Karina Los

VP Member Experience

As VP Member Experience I plan activities to target individual pledge classes as well as the whole chapter. These activities help the chapter become more involved and help the girls connect with each other more through the purpose of AGD. I also work with workshops and other learning tools to keep the chapter engaged. I am excited to continue to keep the chapter engaged and learning new things.

officer Mackenzie Wiegers

Mackenzie Wiegers

VP New Member Experience

Vice President of New Member Programming is a really rewarding position! I teach all of our new members about what it really means to be an Alpha Gam—our values, history, rituals, and sisterhood. I also get to plan bid day, which is my favorite event of the year!

officer Faith Dahman

Faith Dahman

VP Campus Relations

I’m looking forward to getting to know all of the girls in our chapter a little bit better and leaving a lasting impact on AGD!

officer Tara Gaffney

Tara Gaffney

VP Marketing

I’m Tara and as VP Marketing I oversee our social media, banners and t-shirts, as well as helping to create our recruitment videos. I work to showcase what it really means to be an Alpha Gam, highlighting the efforts of our amazing members and making sure pnms get to know us as much as possible. I’m really looking forward to getting to work with the other brilliant ladies on exec and getting more involved in our chapter.

officer Abby Crane

Abby Crane

Director of Property

As property I work to ensure that the house is a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. I work to organize contracts, house rules and other amenities that comes with living in a sorority house. I oversee the maintenance operations as well as safety procedures to ensure all house members are held to a high living standard.

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  • Advice for sisters who want to join Exec?: Go for it! Being on exec is a great way to be super involved in Alpha Gam and it’s an even better way to give back to our sisterhood
officer Lexi Huffman

Lexi Huffman

VP Event Planning

My goal is to be able to plan some kind of event while still following community guidelines. We weren’t able to have any of our events that we normally do this past semester, so I’m hoping to try and at least do something. I also want to help and get the entire chapter involved!

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  • Favorite AGD Memory: When I rushed the girl twice that would later become my little <3
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